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Revenue Decoupling

CenterPoint Energy’s new billing program

What is it?

When we untangle the cost of fuel & the cost of keeping things running we can help you conserve natural gas & save money!


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Oh hey there! Welcome to Minnesota, where CenterPoint Energy customers can embark on an adventure to learn about Decoupling! Scroll down to follow me through the Forest of Beginner Facts and earn a nifty coin for your trouble. Use your coins later for a chance to win great prizes!

I bet yer confused about decoupling

Revenue Decoupling is a regulatory tool that separates utility company revenue from ups & downs in energy sales.

Yer probably wondering why we're doin' this

CenterPoint Energy’s Revenue Decoupling program will break the link between utility revenues & sold energy, removing the motivation for the company to encourage increased natural gas use.

Oh geeze, right? This is happening.

CenterPoint Energy began Revenue Decoupling in July 2015 & the adjustment appeared on bills in September of 2016.

Now that you’ve picked up the Beginner Facts about Decoupling, let’s see how you do on this short quiz…

What exactly is Decoupling?

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